Recycling Sharps Containers Latest Effort to Reduce Impact on Environment

Recycling Sharps Containers Latest Effort to Reduce Impact on Environment

Hundreds of containers with discarded needles and other sharp objects are sent from Fresenius Kidney Care centers each day for safe processing and disposal, while the hard, sturdy bins are fully cleaned, returned to the clinics, and reused. This innovative program to recycle, rather than discard these containers, is just one part of the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Fresenius Kidney Care is highlighting its investment in waste reduction through recycling sharps containers. In 2018, the company launched this program as part of its ongoing efforts to improve sustainability throughout the company.

“We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and our innovative Reusable Sharps Container Program is a great example of the sustainable solutions we are building for the long-term health of our company and planet,” said Mike Asselta, President of Fresenius Kidney Care. “In protecting the environment, we can further help improve the quality of life for our patients, our employees, and the communities we serve.”

More than 90 percent of the company’s dialysis clinics now participate in the Reusable Sharps Container Program. By recycling one sharps container, the company prevents 3.9 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere. To date, the program has engaged over 2,472 clinics and reused 895,791 containers, which is the equivalent of 939,472 pounds of carbon entering the atmosphere. To offset this carbon, the company would have to plant 242,000 trees.

In addition to recycling sharps containers, the company has launched other initiatives to reduce both solid and medical waste, recycle resources, and conserve water and energy at its centers. These programs include recycling dialysis machines, cardboard, and Blue Dialysate Barrels, as well as reusing Mircera shipping containers, to name a few.

To learn more about our conservation efforts through the Reusable Sharps Container Program, read through this infographic.