Field Service Bulletins

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New Tubing Part Numbers, 23-FRS-001 Revision A - June 8, 2023
Power Supply Heater Cable Wire Connections, 22-FRS-002 Revision A - January 6, 2023
Sensor Board Compatibility, 21-FRS-002 Revision B - April 26, 2022
Alternate Testing of DIASAFE® plus Filter After Replacement, 22-FRS-001 Revision A - March 17, 2022
New Style Valve, 21-FRS-001 Revision A – March 22, 2021
Disinfecting Machines Potentially Exposed to COVID-19, 20-FRS-001 Revision A – May 26, 2020
Bleach Usage During Chemical/Dwell, 18-FRS-002 Revision A – October 10, 2018
New UF Pump Filter Part Number & Appearance, 18-FRS-001 Revision A – October 10, 2018
Functional Board Connector Usage (Update), 05-FRS-001 Revision C – June 1, 2018
Extended Lines Option and Dialysate Composition Verification, 16-FRS-003 Revision A – November 15, 2016
New 6.3 Amp Power Supply Fuse, 16-FRS-002 Revision A – August 18, 2016
Upgrade Requirement for Actuator-Test Software v2.27 or Later, 16-FRS-001 Revision A – March 4, 2016
New Hardware, 15-FRS-001 Revision A – May 28, 2015
Bleach Disinfection Clarification, 13-FRS-007 Revision B – January 2, 2015
New Loading Pressure Regulator, 14-FRS-001 Revision A – August 14, 2014
Air Separator Adapter Board, 14-FRS-002 Revision A – January 27, 2014
Inlet Pressure Regulator Internal Leakage Test, 13-FRS-002 Revision A – March 12, 2013
MotorGearbox Replacement, 13-FRS-009 Revision A – March 6, 2013
Blood Volume Monitor Auto Cuvette Calibration Setting (Update), 11-FRS-006 Revision A – December 20, 2011
Proper Heparin Pump Module Setting, 11-FRS-001 Revision A – November 23, 2011
External Heat Exchanger Leakage, 11-FRS-004 Revision A – June 15, 2011
Heater Bar Wire Connections, 09-FRS-002 Revision A – October 27, 2009


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