Updated June 23, 2021

COVID-19 Resource and Education Center



Understanding the Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines

Reflecting on the COVID-19 Volunteer Experience

Director of Operations and Registered Nurse, Allison, watched COVID-19 intensify in New Jersey this spring and felt compelled to rally a team to volunteer. The team left their home clinics in North Carolina and traveled north to support patients and local staff. They share the life-changing impact the experience had on them.


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Innovating to Keep Our Patients Safe

Our Critical Care Team is Here for You

Our Critical Care team remains committed to doing its part during these tough times. From the creation of the National Intensive Renal Care Reserve, which creates a pool of NxStage critical care units for areas in need, to increasing our tubing set, filter, and dialysate capacity, we are working tirelessly so you have the equipment supplies to treat patients.
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Important Steps We've Implemented for Our Patients and Staff

All individuals entering the center are screened for fever and cough, as well as for potential COVID-19 contact risk. Any individuals who are COVID-19 positive or identified as persons under investigation (PUIs) are transferred to receive their dialysis in a separate environment or a hospital.

Strict handwashing on entering and leaving the center is firmly enforced. All patients are asked to wear masks while in the center waiting room and treatment area.

All staff members wear masks, full protective gowns, and gloves while in close contact with patients in any area.

Our centers are intensively disinfected on a daily basis and visitors are not currently permitted.

Evidence-based Insights

Helpful Resources and FAQs to Support Patient Care



Field Notes Podcast: Together, Transforming Healthcare

Bringing together leading experts at the forefront of kidney disease research and patient care, Field Notes is an engaging forum discussing the latest developments, innovations, and trends that seek to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals living with chronic disease.
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Showing Support for Our Staff and Families

During this unprecedented time, it's important to acknowledge those who continue to provide life-sustaining dialysis care for our patients across the country. The FMCNA Family Project is a great opportunity for you and your loved ones to share a letter or artwork to show your support for all the front-line staff working in our centers. Additionally, for families looking to educate their children about kidney disease, The Kidney Kid Initiative provides fun, interactive resources to do so in the comfort of your home.