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We continuously cultivate new partnerships with suppliers that support our core values, and research opportunities to optimize our supplier base. We award business to suppliers based on a competetive procurement process focussing on quality, service and total cost. The Strategic Procurement Team managaes the aquisition of products and services and is the primary interface to our internal organization for all supplier interactions.

The partnerships we manage are:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Marketing
  • Building and construction
  • Facilities managament 
  • Financial and insurance 
  • Indirects (energy and utilities)
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Medical euipment and suppliers
  • Office equipment and supplies 
  • Professional services 
  • Transportation and logistics 
  • Travel and meeting serivices




    FMCNA has implemented SAP Ariba's cloud-based procurement solutions to modernize our Requisition to Pay (R2P) process. SAP Ariba is the leading ecommerce company in connecting buyers with their suppliers. FMCNA will use the SAP Ariba Supplier Network to send purchase orders and receive invoices from our suppliers.

    FMCNA is driven by the mutual benefits this solution provides to our business interaction with you. To that end we invite new and exciting suppliers to register on the Ariba Network. There is no cost for suppliers associated with joining or transaction on the network.


    •    Invoice and payment automation, through the Ariba Network
    •    Quick easy catalog content management
    •    Shorter sales cycles and reduced inventories through increased order accuracy
    •    Increased invoice accuracy via reduced manual processing and contract compliance

    As the technology and our business progress, we strongly believe supplier enablement provides the absolute best mode for our business transactions. Together we can make the R2P process as efficient as possible.

    Contact your internal FMCNA contact for further instructions and a link to our registration portal.


    Below is a high-level overview of the steps a supplier can expect during the onboarding process:

    1.    FMCNA conducts a competitive bid and identifies a supplier
    2.    FMCNA and supplier negotiate a contract and pricing
    3.    Supplier's FMCNA contact will initiate the process to add a new vendor with Procurement and Accounts Payable
    4.    Supplier provides FMCNA with requested information (W-9, payment information, address, contact information, etc.)
    5.    FMCNA reviews, validates, and approves provided information
    6.    Supplier is provided with an FMCNA supplier number


    FMCNA requires the following information as minimum requirements for all new suppliers in the United States.


    All new US suppliers must provide a current W-9 form along with their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Non-US suppliers must provide a current W-8 tax certificate as a part of the setup process.


    Suppliers are expected to maintain awareness of, and comply with, all laws and regulatory requirements applicable to their business, including but not limited to, those which relate to the products and services provided to FMCNA (e.g., FDA guidelines).


    FMCNA screens suppliers through a number of third party databases including but not limited to the Office of Inspector General (OIG), System for Award Management (SAM), and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Learn more at the OIG/SAM website.


    FMCNA asks all its suppliers to follow all applicable laws and regulations in each country that they operate in and where we receive your materials and services. We prefer to work with suppliers who understand the need and have formal programs in place for sustainability as part of our environment and the community you operate in, taking care of the carbon footprint and the legacy you leave behind from old, existing, and new facilities and operations. If suppliers provide materials or services that fall under FDA, which ensures compliance with its cGMP, cGDP, cGLP, and FMD (21 CFR part 820)/ISO 13485 regulations, or alternatively fall under ISO 9001, we would require supplier passing supplier quality audit before we can qualify supplier.

    Given that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is one of our payors, we comply with the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (LEIE). The LEIE provides information to the health care industry, patients, and the public regarding individuals and entities currently excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, and all other federal health care programs.



    FMCNA's standard payment terms for all new suppliers are 2% fifteen (15), net 60 days after FMCNA’s receipt of a correct invoice. For purposes of clarification, if FMCNA makes payment within 15 days from FMCNA's receipt of the invoice, FMCNA shall be entitled to deduct 2% from the amount of the invoice and after deducting the 2% constitutes payment in full of the invoice. E-Payables (described below) is available as an alternative to suppliers that cannot accommodate these payment terms.


    FMCNA is moving toward paperless payment of invoices and offers a number of electronic payment methods for our suppliers including:

    • E-Payables P-Card (Most Preferred Method): In lieu of paper checks a deposit will be made to a Purchasing Card account. The card has $0 of available funds until an invoice is paid by FMCNA. The card will be funded automatically with the exact amount of the invoices and an electronic remittance advice will be sent via email with instructions to process the payment using the card number that you have on file. New or Existing supplier looking to learn more about this program should contact
    • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Automated Clearing House (ACH): A quick secure method to transmit funds directly from financial institutions, eliminating the risk of paper checks being lost or stolen. Existing suppliers not setup with EFT today should contact


    Note: Suppliers may be required to be independently verified prior to making any changes to their payment method. Non-US suppliers are not eligible for the above payment methods and must contact for more information.

    Contact Accounts Payable (AP)

    For general AP inquiries or to check the status of a payment, contact our AP Customer Support team at or 855-362-7786.


Thank you for your interst in partnering with us. Please review the questions and answers 
on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Existing suppliers are encouraged to to get in touch
directly with their primary procurement contact with any questions.

Send us an email at