We Are Proud to Celebrate Nephrology Nurses Week and Its Committed, Compassionate Nurses


“Our nurses are special people, providing compassionate care and proactive guidance to be sure patients continue their therapy and thrive,” said Ron Rodgers, Executive Vice President, FMCNA and President, Fresenius Kidney Care. “Nephrology nurses develop close and often lifelong relationships with patients, enabling them to have a significant and positive impact on patients’ lives. We are truly grateful for their commitment, expertise and compassion.”

Because nephrology nursing is unique, requiring dedicated one-on-one patient care and a passion for improving outcomes and becoming an expert on the kidneys, the American Nephrology Nurses Association(ANNA) launched Nephrology Nurses Week in 2005. The week provides the opportunity to thank these dedicated nurses for their vital work, and aims to raise awareness about the benefits of nephrology nursing and the various career opportunities it offers.

To celebrate the 13th annual Nephrology Nurses Week, FMCNA spotlighted patients and staff who epitomize passion and commitment:

  • Blake, a former patient who was inspired by his care to become a nephrology nurse
  • Delia and Katrina, mother and daughter who have a shared passion for caring for patients with kidney disease.
  • Amanda, a former patient who received a kidney from her husband and is in school to become a nephrology nurse.
  • Jaci, a dialysis technician and prospective nurse who was inspired by the dialysis care her grandmother received at the clinic where she works to pursue a career in nephrology.

In addition to recognizing patients and staff, FMCNA announced it is providing the ANNA a $20,000 grant for educational scholarships. ANNA will award $4,000 scholarships to five nephrology nurses who wish to further their education.

FMCNA is proud to honor nephrology nurses for their commitment to treating patients with compassion and helping them live above and beyond expectations.

If like Blake, Delia and Katrina, Amanda and Jaci, you are a talented clinician driven to provide compassionate care to patients and their families, visit jobs.fmcna.com to learn more about the career opportunities in your area working for Fresenius Kidney Care.

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